Invest in Strata Storage Units

You live in an apartment or small home, or you need to downsize, but you’ve got too much stuff. It’s a familiar problem that rings true with millions of Australians each year. The thing is, you don’t want to (or perhaps can’t afford to) upgrade to a bigger home with more space.

What can you do about your predicament? Well, one option that’s rapidly growing in popularity is to buy a strata storage unit.

Image Credit: siala (Source: Pixabay)

What is a strata storage unit?

In a nutshell, a strata storage unit is a self-storage unit, meaning you are free to store virtually anything from your home or business. The term ‘strata’ refers to how several units get located in one single location, such as a storage complex or facility.

Self-storage isn’t a new concept: it’s been around for around three decades in Australia. It’s a concept popular in other nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom and has fast gained traction here in Australia.

Many people often rent strata storage units, but there is now a growing choice for consumers and businesses to buy strata storage units, such as those offered by Urbanbox Storage in Kogarah, located south of Sydney’s CBD.

What are the benefits of a strata storage unit?

Arguably the most significant advantage of a strata storage unit is flexibility. You can typically store anything in strata storage units from personal possessions like furniture and clothing through to business equipment and machinery.

Many strata storage unit facilities, such as those offered by Urbanbox Storage, even allow you to store motor vehicles. As you can imagine, it’s an excellent idea for people looking for ways to keep vintage or rare cars in a safe, secure, and weatherproof environment.

Another benefit of strata storage units is how they’re available for use by individuals and businesses alike. They are increasingly popular for people living in apartments where space is at a premium, and they need somewhere to store some of their possessions.

Sometimes, strata storage units can be useful for people that may have inherited some furniture or other items and have nowhere to store them at home.

Why should you buy a strata storage unit?

You might be wondering why you should buy a strata storage unit. The first reason is that it should get viewed as an investment rather than an expense. When you own a strata storage unit, you are investing in property much like you would an apartment or house.

The value of your strata storage unit will inevitably increase over time, especially when located near a major city or town like the ones offered by Urbanbox Storage at Kogarah. And lastly, let’s not forget that owning a unit means you’ll always have it available for your needs.

Three reasons to buy instead of rent

While it’s entirely possible to rent a strata storage unit, did you know that it makes better sense to buy one instead? Take a look at these five reasons to invest in strata storage instead of renting:

1. Strata storage demand is soaring

More Australians are looking for external places to store their valuables when they run out of room in their apartments and houses. Self-storage solutions such as strata storage offer the perfect solution for people.

The only downside, of course, is that demand for strata storage units is rising. What that means for individuals and businesses is limited availability, and typically increasing rental prices as a result.

According to a recent report, increasing urbanisation of towns and cities means developers are building more apartment blocks to cope with demand. As a result, demand for strata storage is rising due to reduced storage space in residential strata dwellings.

2. An investment for your financial future

It’s easy to think of strata storage as merely an industrial storage option. However, you should consider it as an investment for your financial future in much the same way as you would with residential or commercial properties.

As demand for residential strata properties grows in cities like Sydney, so too will the need for storage solutions. What that means is the value of your strata storage unit will rise, so if you decide to sell it one day, you’ll likely enjoy a healthy profit from your investment.

3. No worries about increasing rent costs

The biggest problem with renting any property, let alone a strata storage unit, is that landlords can (and often do) increase the rent. They might do so due to increased operating costs, or simply because they want to make more money out of their tenants.

When you invest in strata storage, there are no worries about increasing rent costs. That’s because you’ll have either purchased the unit outright or have a mortgage on it with fixed monthly payments.

Why invest in strata storage from Urbanbox?

Whether you live or run a business in Sydney, you’ll likely need somewhere to store items away from your home or premises. Usually, the reason for such a need is due to a lack of storage space. For some people, the reason might be due to safety or security concerns.

Urbanbox Storage offers individuals and business leaders the opportunity to purchase a strata storage unit for their needs. The facility offers drive-up access and a broad range of unit sizes to suit all needs.

What’s more, secure 24/7 access with 6.5m wide driveways and units with 4.9m heights come as standard. The complex at Kogarah also offers onsite parking and Wi-Fi Internet access.

The location of the Urbanbox Storage facility is close to all primary transport links, making it within easy reach of Sydney’s CBD. If you’d like to learn more about Urbanbox’s strata storage solutions, contact us today for further information and to discuss your requirements.