RBA slashes cash rate, NOW is the time to invest in URBANBOX STRATA STORAGE UNITS

Urbanbox Storage Kogarah - Now Selling

Urbanbox strata storage units in Kogarah are the perfect solution for owner occupiers and investors in the St George Region and wider Sydney. Urbanbox Strata Storage Units are the first of their kind in the St George area. Units range from 18m² to 38m², each with secure individual access and designed to make storage easy, efficient and highly-flexible. With drive up access, wifi, 24/7 security and central location, and suitable for industrial, household, commercial or recreational use, Urbanbox Storage Units are the ideal investment within a fast growing sector, especially in metropolitan Sydney. With Stage 1 of Urbanbox Strata Storage Units in Kogarah now selling, we look to how recent RBA cash rate cuts positively influences borrowing power.

Starting from $144,000 plus GST Urbanbox Strata storage units are a modest investment for sizeable rental return for storage unit investors or to realise capital growth potential for owner-occupiers and investors alike, especially with interest rates on the steady decline.

On Tuesday 3 October, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a cash rate cut to a historic low of 0.75%. This marked the third rate cut in 5 months. What does this rate cut mean for those wanting to borrow money to invest in Urbanbox Strata Storage units?

If banks pass the latest cash rate cut on, funds are more easily accessible and loans cost less to service with lowered interest rates on mortgage and personal loans.

Before Tuesday, interest rates averaged 3.46%. Some were much lower. For example, HSBC Australia wanted just 3.17%. If it passes on Tuesday’s cut in full it will charge only 2.92%, offering the first Australian mortgage rate in history beginning with the number “2”.

Since June, many mortgage-holders will have saved A$150 on monthly payments on variable home and investment loans.

Take advantage of this opportune time and invest in Urbanbox Strata Storage Units in Kogarah.

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