UrbanBox is Underway

Urbanbox is unlike typical strata storage units. Architecturally designed, this leading edge purpose-built facility is all about the user experience.

Strategically located in Kogarah, south of the Sydney CBD, the property consists of 205 strata storage units in a variety of size options from 18m² to 38m², each with secure individual access and designed to make storage easy, efficient and highly-flexible.

Quick and convenient access to all strata storage units via high security automated entry doors, 6.5m wide internal driveways, high vehicle clearances, natural lighting, drive-up access, shared kitchen and toilet amenity are just some of the key features of Urbanbox which separates it from other strata storage facilities.

Urbanbox is a highly-secure facility fitted with state-of-the-art surveillance technology and a unique singular level access system providing strong security and peace-of-mind for those strata storage unit owners storing valuable industrial, commercial, recreational and household items.

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